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...Straight talking, honest and fair

Fairbank Investments is a privately owned and funded company and operate specifically in property and land related transactions. We operate a core leadership team that have the ability to execute projects swiftly and successfully.

Our Story

Led by Antony Green, Fairbank is still a family run business and with over 30 years of personal experience in the property market as a developer, builder and investor, Fairbank is now joined by an experienced Advisory Board made up of outstanding industry professionals. 

With the benefit of our wealth of experience, we do not need to go through the lengthy process of seeking Board Approval for our acquisitions and transactions, like many PLC's or larger companies, as we are a primarily self funded company. Our approach is highly entrepreneurial and speculative and we have a reputation for being easy to do business with.

We have the distinct advantage that if the project makes commercial sense and feels right, we can act on a handshake and get the deal progressing quickly.


'It all began in Yorkshire, back in 1982, where I took my first job as a labourer in the construction industry. My upbringing taught me the value of hard work and wit, which proved invaluable when progressing onto navigating the planning systems, local authorities and securing the best property deals. Despite the competition, I never let intimidation get the best of me, relying instead on my "streetwise" mentality to push forward and succeed where others have failed. Above all, doing business with honest and like-minded individuals is of utmost importance to me, and our company's success is a reflection of these values. Long hours and dedication have paved the way for our ongoing success and achievements to date.'

                                                                                                      - Antony Green - Managing Director.

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