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About Us

Straight talking, honest and fair

We, Fairbank Investments, are privately owned and funded company and operate specifically in property and land related transactions. We operate a core leadership team that have the ability to execute projects successfully.

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Our Story

Led by Antony Green, Fairbank is still a family run business and with over 30 years of personal experience in the property market as a developer, builder and investor, Fairbank is now joined by an experienced Advisory Board made up of outstanding industry professionals with experience of building successful businesses within the property and investment industries.

In addition to the wealth of experience, we do not need to go through the lengthy process of seeking Board Approval for transactions, like many PLC's or larger companies as we a fully funded company whilst also benefiting from having the expertise and experience of buying land and sites.  Our approach is highly entrepreneurial and speculative and we have a reputation for being easy to do business with.

We have the distinct advantage that if the project makes commercial sense, we can act on a handshake and get the deal done quickly.


'In 1982, I began my working life labouring in the building trade in Yorkshire at the age of 16.  There's nothing much I haven't done on a construction site and it was always long hours and hard graft. Growing up around hard working, canny Yorkshire folk, I grew over the years to understand the more sophisticated intricacies of spotting a property deal and securing it at the right price......and sometimes from under the noses of equally competitive companies! I suppose you could call it 'being streetwise'. For me, business has always been about dealing with people I like and can trust (often on a handshake, as we still do in Yorkshire) and hopefully people would always say the same about me'. - Antony Green - Managing Director.

Meet The Management Team


Should you have any opportunities, queries or just would like to talk further, please do not hesitate to contact either of us, by clicking on the relevant photos and sending a direct email. Alternatively, please visit the 'contact us' page to view other ways to get in touch. 

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