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What We Do 

Ordinarily you won't hear a lot about us.  We keep out of the spotlight and crack on with it.  We are happy for the companies we sell the land to, to get the publicity.  We feel that our results speak volumes, so we don't have to.  But we are very proud of what we have done to date and highlight a few of our recent projects below. 

Farm Road / Queens Road, Sheffield City Centre 

Situated prominently within Sheffield City Centre and just a five-minute walk from Sheffield's main train station, is a piece of land that we acquired and contracted to sell to The Godwin Group. It is a major development and will, when constructed contain 300+ residential units. 


Plans recently submitted to the local planning authority will contribute significantly to the housing requirements of central Sheffield, replacing a 1.1 acre brownfield site, which was vacant for many years.  We are proud to be associated with Godwin Developments and especially Ketan Patel, senior development manager, for keeping us up to date with progress and plans for The Meridian development.  

2 Great George Street, Leonardo and Thoresby House, Leeds

Under the banner of Leonardo (Leeds) Limited, an SPV created for the sole purchase of these iconic buildings, we entered into contract with Leeds City Council to purchase the former council offices known as 2 Great George Street, Leonardo and Thoresby House. 


Twelve months later we have negotiated the sale of 2 Great George Street to Priestley Homes, who are submitting their plans to the local council shortly and a sale of the remaining buildings to The McLaren Group who have already submitted a pre-application.

Proposed Plans for Leonardo Building.jpg

The pre-app applied to extend the historic buildings and construct an 11-storey property on the existing car park.  A sale of the company, Leonardo (Leeds) Limited to a national developer has also been agreed.  

Green Road, Penistone, Sheffield

The former David Brown Foundry in Penistone, Sheffield, consisting of nearly 4 acres of commercial buildings and offices.  A new purchase for us, we have numerous ideas for what is to be Fairfield Business Park Limited.  Keep coming back for more information!

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