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Why Us?

Fairbank predominately self finance most of our land acquisitions which enables us to act quickly and efficiently. We have a wealth of expertise and experience in buying sites and obtaining planning permissions, so you can rely on us for a smooth sales process.

We have experience of dealing with a variety of sites and are able to develop all kinds of opportunities.  With our in-house expertise and strong relationships with planning authorities we can work closely and appraise ALL possibilities.  

Our approach is highly entrepreneurial and speculative and we have a reputation for being easy to do business with.  For the private landowner with no experience on land sale or value, we can offer flexible structured deals and because we are a privately owned and funded company, we have the distinct advantage; if the project makes commercial sense, nobody can get the deal done quicker than Fairbank.

When taking options/purchasing the land some companies initially start with a high overall offer for a piece of land to get the land owner interested & tied into the sale with complex details and clauses, which gradually decreases the land value, when it comes to the end figure.  

If your land has planning potential, we will make an offer to enter into an option agreement with you, setting out how we will partner with you, taking strong consideration of your needs or personal requirements, to obtain planning permission and to develop your land to it's best potential. On many occasions, throughout this process, you can still continue to use your land as it won't effect any planning permission. It is in our interest to optimise the value of your land as we work on a profit share, so we only get paid at the end of the sales process. In most cases, all fees associated with the planning process are covered by us.

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