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Coal Drops Progress Page

Here you will find the latest and most up to date information regarding our progress at our ongoing project as we forage our way through the decision making and minefield that is planning. We appreciate that this site is loved as much by the community as it is ourselves so we endeavor to keep everyone up to speed. This progress can be seen as slow but by no means not by our own doing - there is alot of behind the scenes working!

View from St mary's of the developed historical Coal Drops Site, Penistone

March 2024

We are pleased to be in a position to share our draft version of our pre planning enquiry plans. We hope you love the plans as much as we do and would welcome your thoughts and feedback. We hope to be in a position to submit a full planning application very shortly.

See the latest plans

February 2024

** Access Gate Statement **

As some may or may not be aware, the TPT trail runs through our site and as local residents ourselves, we greatly appreciate the benefit the TPT brings to the community. However, the council have a legal obligation as per the conveyance of 1994 to maintain a solid fence boundary. Unfortunately, they haven't and over time a gate has been installed which allows the public to gain access to the TPT after trespassing over private land of which will become an issue once we start to develop the site for obvious health and safety issues.  Please read our statement HERE with our views on this matter. 

View of the Historical Coal Drop Site, Penistone
Concept Design Plans of the Historical Site

October 2023

We are pleased to share our draft concept plan on the site after months of wokring with our team of professionals to get our ideas to a stage that we can share with the public. Further photos can be seen below and we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

More Plans

May 2023

You may have seen our team up at the Coal Drop site, installing a permanent security fence up at the site.

There are various reasons for the security fencing going up however we are happy to announce that we are intentionally dropping the fence short of our boundary in order to offer temporary parking for the public and to work with the Penistone Agricultural Show, allowing access for the show traffic.

In the next coming weeks, we are hopeful we will be able to share our exciting plans for the site!

Security Fence at the Coal Drop Site, Penistone
Work in Progress at Historical Coal Drop Site, Penistone

March 2023

Work immediately starts on the site, tidying up the dilapidated area, removing the rubbish, weeds and securing the site. We unleash our team of professionals to start and survey to site to start to bring our vision to life.

6th March 2023

Fairbank Investments Limited purchased the site known as Coal Drops, Signal House and former railway sidings site in Penistone

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Announcing the Purchase of the Historical Coal Drop Site, Penistone
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